Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 144

Improved stability and reliability

We’ve made the rollout and upgrade processes for new cluster versions easier and more reliable. This mainly affects installer and upgrade components that aren’t visible in the Web UI but nonetheless greatly affect user experience.

Also in this release

  • We have updated the link to our end user license agreement not the content. For details, have a look at the Dynatrace EULA

Other new features

Additionally, all new features introduced with Dynatrace SaaS Version 143 and Version 144 are also supported by Dynatrace Managed.

Resolved issues

  • Login issues related to setting permissions on individual Management Zones, but not the overall environment, have been addressed.
  • Users reported being unable to connect to their Dynatrace Managed instances using the Dynatrace mobile app due to certificate issues (Certificate is being refreshed).

Upcoming enhancements

  • Rolling upgrades between major release versions