Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 126

Improved LDAP integration

To improve support for large LDAP directories, we’ve changed how we handle groups and users in LDAP. For Dynatrace installations that are migrated from earlier versions, we now only show those LDAP groups that have configured access rights for Dynatrace. To use another group, just create a new group in Dynatrace and give it the same name as a pre-existing LDAP group. With this approach, the new groups will be automatically associated with the correct set of assigned users.

Similar to the new approach to managing groups in LDAP, we now only display users that have previously logged into Dynatrace (rather than all users that are returned by the configured LDAP query). This greatly improves speed and scalability within large environments, especially when nested groups are used.

Installing Dynatrace Managed in Docker containers (EAP)

For fully automated provisioning of Dynatrace, we now support starting Dynatrace from Docker images. The Dynatrace installer now offers an additional preinstall-for-docker parameter that allows you to skip certain system configuration steps that would normally be performed when installing directly on the operating system of a host. This feature is currently available in an early access program. If you’re interested in trying this out, reach out to us. We will provide you with additional information regarding the necessary container configurations.

Other new features

Additionally, all new features introduced with Dynatrace SaaS Version 125 and Version 126 are now also supported by Dynatrace Managed.