Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 124

Support for automated Dynatrace Cluster installations

Currently, before a new Dynatrace Servier cluster installation can be used, your system administrator must go to the Dynatrace Managed web UI to set their password and email address. While this is fine for manual installations, it’s impractical for automated installations. With this in mind, we’ve added some additional installer parameters that facilitate Dynatrace Server configuration without visiting the web UI:


By setting these parameters, an initial environment cluster can be automatically configured for access by your administrator. An API token is also generated so that you can further automate configuration tasks (the token is printed to stdout).

The automation APIs for cluster configuration are currently in an early access status. Let us know if you want to participate in the early access program and we will share the API documentation with you.

Other new features

Additionally, all new features introduced with Dynatrace SaaS Version 123 and Version 124 are now also supported by Dynatrace Managed.