Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 122

Trial licenses now support multi-node clusters

Trial Dynatrace Managed licenses now support the monitoring of multi-node clusters. This enables more realistic evaluations of Dynatrace Managed for production environments that utilize server clusters. Now proof-of-concept trial users can test the failover and high availability features of Dynatrace Managed before purchasing.

OneAgent support for AIX (beta program)

For some time now, Dynatrace SaaS has supported the installation of OneAgent on the IBM AIX platform. Beginning with version 122, Dynatrace Managed now also supports AIX in a beta release. For details about OneAgent for AIX, see How do I install Dynatrace OneAgent on AIX.

Other new features

Additionally, all new features introduced with Dynatrace SaaS Version 121 and Version 122 are now also supported by Dynatrace Managed.