Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 118

Manual configuration of IP addresses for cluster nodes

To simplify the installation of Dynatrace within complex networks (where auto-detected IP addresses typically aren’t usable as endpoints for OneAgent traffic or the Dynatrace web UI), Dynatrace now enables you to manually specify public IP addresses for cluster nodes. This feature is particularly valuable for installations of Managed cluster in cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios where multiple interfaces and IP-forwarding may be set up.

To manually configure a public IP address for a cluster node

  1. From the Dynatrace Managed deployment status page, click the cluster node tile of the infographic.
  2. On the cluster node page, type the correct public IP address into the OneAgent communication endpoint text field.
  3. Click the checkmark button to confirm that the endpoint is valid.
    Dynatrace Managed

Configure permission for viewing sensitive data

Because Dynatrace OneAgent can now potentially capture sensitive customer data, we’ve enhanced Dynatrace Managed permissions management with a new privilege that governs access to confidential request data. This setting can be configured either from the User groups settings page (see example below) or from the environment settings page.

To define which user groups can view sensitive data

  1. From the Dynatrace Managed navigation menu, go to User authentication  User groups and select a user group.
  2. Within the Sensitive request data permission section at the bottom of the page, click the Add button to add environments for which this user group has permission to view sensitive data.

Configure permissions