Dynatrace Managed feature update, Version 112

Following the release of version 112, here are the latest enhancements that we’ve introduced to Dynatrace Managed.

Improved notifications for infrastructure issues

To ensure the continuous, reliable operation of Dynatrace Managed Server in your environment, Dynatrace Managed now automatically performs periodic checks to confirm that health of your infrastructure. When a problem with the response time or availability of your hosts or other infrastructure components is detected, a problem event is automatically generated and a notification is sent out. Infrastructure-event notifications are now generated for the following problem types:

Infrastructure-event notifications are now automatically generated for the following problem types:

  • Insufficient CPU or memory
  • Lost connection to Dynatrace Mission Control
  • Unsuccessful or incomplete upgrade
  • Disconnected or non-operational cluster node

SAML 2.0 improvements

We’ve added several enhancements that improve Dynatrace Managed compatibility with various identity providers (including SAML 2.0). Improved error handling and more detailed error messages for identity-provider related issues has also been introduced.