We’re professionals & that is how we roll…

The other night, a few members of the Innovation Lab and the Product Management team decided that it’s time again to head out in the evening and have fun together. Even though we work closely together on a daily basis, we still like to spend time together after working hours. This reflects that Dynatracers are not only technical experts working on the worlds most awesome monitoring solution, but also have excellent communicative skills and know how to treat each other with respect and dignity, regardless of the emergency, urgency, or time of the day. We’re professionals – that is how we roll.

Then again, there are only so many things you can be good at. So, we decided to grab a bite and put our bowling skills to the test. After burgers, quesadillas, and some refreshing wheat beers, we moved on to the challenging part of the night. Even though we’re pretty fluent with computers, the terminal to enter the names of the players at the bowling alley was somewhat … let’s go with the term ‘different’. No touch typing support, painfully slow response time, and uncontrolled jumps through the navigation menu (<- that happens when you let technology enthusiasts write a blog post 😉 ) Eventually, we got all our names in, and of the players even got to play with bumpers. We weren’t able to figure out how exactly we managed to pull that off, but we decided to call it a ‘feature’ and just go with it.

After two games, and the same winner in each of the games, we decided to call it a night and go home. We’ll definitely come back for a rematch, somewhere in the future. The next event is already in the planning phase …

Dirk Wallerstorfer is Global Head of Innovation at Dynatrace. He has 15+ years of deep, hands-on experience in networking, security, and software engineering. Dirk's job is to know everything that is going on around virtualization of infrastructure and application environments. He spends his days on researching new and emerging technologies, profoundly understanding them, and sharing his experiences and findings through blog posts and during his frequent speaking engagements at conferences and meetups around the world. Dirk is from Austria, son of two, husband of one, and father of two.

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