dynaTrace Firefox Closed Beta Program started

We had quite a number of people showing interest in Dynatrace support for Firefox when we announced the Closed Beta Program. This week we handed out the first build of dynaTrace Ajax Edition for Firefox to a selected number of participants.

Dynatrace Ajax Edition for Firefox
Dynatrace Ajax Edition for Firefox

The goal of the Closed Beta Program is to verify that the implementation delivers accurate results and that all the functionality is in there that makes it as valuable as our existing support for Internet Explorer.

Automation is one of the big topics that drove us towards supporting the second largest browser. With Dynatrace it is now possible to compare the same pages in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 and Firefox 3.6 and 4.0b. This allows you to find differences in JavaScript, Network, DOM Manipulation, XHR and Rendering across these browser versions.

Where the free Dynatrace Ajax Edition provides some automation capabilities by integrating with Selenium, Watir, ShowSlow, … the Dynatrace Development Team and Test Edition provide support for automated result and regression analysis, easy integration into your CI, full end-to-end performance analysis (from the Browser to the Database) and access to all captured data through REST. Learn more on what you get by upgrading.

From Closed to Public Beta

Once we are comfortable with the feedback we plan to open it up for the public. We will announce it on this blog, our dynaTrace Community Portal and on our Dynatrace Forums.

In the meantime make sure you download the latest available version of Dynatrace AJAX Edition, make yourself familiar of what it can do for you and exchange your ideas and thoughts on the dynaTrace AJAX Forum.

Interested in Automation?

If you are interested in Automation I recommend reading 5 Steps to setup ShowSlow with Dynatrace, Integrating Dynatrace with Selenium or Integrating Dynatrace with Watir.

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