dynaTrace AJAX Edition 3.5 with Beta support for Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 10

With the new release of the Dynatrace AJAX Edition you have Beta support for the Firefox 10 browser and therefore you can test the performance of your Web sites with the latest available Browsers from Mozilla and Microsoft.

The new Dynatrace AJAX Edition also helps you to prepare yourself for the future. With the support for the Internet Explorer 10 developer preview you are now able to start testing the performance of your Web site before Microsoft will release its new browser.

You are not only taking care about the latest browsers! For testing the Web Performance of legacy browsers you should also take a look at the Dynatrace AJAX Edition Premium which helps you to guarantee a good performance for legacy, current and future browsers.

You can also check out the Release Notes for a more detailed description of the enhancements.

3 Steps to get started with Dynatrace AJAX

If you have any questions please use the dynaTrace AJAX Forum or send an email to ajax-contact #at# dynatrace.com

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