Getting into the topic

Gene Kim’s blog “IT Revolution” is one of the most popular starting points on the topic. Basic questions of the DevOps world are answered in a short and understandable way.

The oft-cited blogpost DevOps Convergence by John Willis is also a must read if you’d like to know the history of DevOps and its thought leaders.

Those of you hoping to nail down a globally acceptable definition of DevOps and its function should have a look at Does DevOps drive agility, or does agility result in DevOps? by Tony Bradley

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A creative Forrester headline with the title The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective DevOps also made it into my list of must reads (shared here in abbreviated form).

DevOps Channels



  • Practical System Administration
    Includes podcasts for DevOps admins
  • Food Fight Show
    A blog and podcast for the Chef community
  • DevOps Cafe
    Podcasts with John Willis and Damon Edwards
  • Arrested DevOps
    Podcasts related to DevOps with the catchy slogan “There’s always DevOps in the banana stand. Brought to you by Matt Stratton.
  • The Ship Show
    Twice-monthly podcasts featuring discussions on everything from build engineering, to DevOps, to release management. Plus interviews, new tools, techniques, and reviews.



  • ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Dynatrace

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