Delivering a 360 Degree View of Web Load Testing

Today we introduced web load testing to help find and fix performance and scalability problems from the First Mile to the Last Mile.

Today’s business leaders want more application functionality faster, leaving you with less time to test.  But web applications continue to increase in complexity with content and web services being delivered to end users’ browsers from multiple sources.

In fact, recent data analysis shows that the average transaction includes components delivered from over eight sources – with many originating outside of your data center such as content delivery networks (CDNs), news feeds, ads, analytics, bill payment and e-commerce platforms.

Gomez 360o Web Load Testing has all the advantages of Gomez Web Load Testing’s outside-in approach, using Last Mile for the most accurate user experience data and all the advantages of Dynatrace’s PurePath Technology which identifies the root cause of problems down to the line of code. Together it’s the only solution to find problems across the entire application delivery chain.

Gomez provides on-demand realistic web load testing from browser to data center, offering the most accurate measurements of response time and end-user experience when websites are under load. Dynatrace provides problem identification down to the line of code and recorded sessions that provide all the information in one place for teams to resolve the problems.

Gomez 360o Web Load Testing can help you:

  • Find and fix performance and scalability problems from the First Mile to the Last Mile
  • Accelerate time to market by identifying user experience problems and isolating the root cause down to the line of code
  • Reduce testing iterations and cycle time with proactive problem resolution and prevention
  • Validate architecture for maximum scalability

To learn more about web load testing, read this blog post: Load Testing Redefined: A Guide from KPI Reporting to AI Supported Performance Engineering