CPU hotspot analysis for background threads

Full visibility into your application environment is our goal—and we’ve just added another Java monitoring capability that brings us one step closer to realizing this goal: CPU hotspot analysis for background threads

Many applications execute code in background threads that are not included in requests and therefore aren’t automatically monitored by Dynatrace. Quartz scheduling jobs are one such example. Also, Dynatrace can’t detect certain proprietary, custom services that you deploy until you define the services using the Custom services settings page (Settings > Service detection > Custom services).

For some time now Dynatrace has been capable of analyzing the CPU consumption of individual processes. This analysis is available from any Java or .NET process page; just click the View detailed CPU breakdown button.

CPU hotspots

You’re presented with a chart that shows you how much process CPU each service consumes. Background activity threads are now included in this chart (this feature is currently only available for Java, but we’ll be adding support for .NET soon, so stay tuned).

To analyze the CPU consumption of these background threads, click the Show hotspots button.

CPU hotspots

You then see where your Java application consumes CPU in background threads, schedulers, or other proprietary services that Dynatrace isn’t monitoring.

CPU hotspots

To enable Dynatrace to monitor a proprietary, custom service in your environment, go to Settings > Service detection > Custom services and define detection rules and a service entry point for the service.