CPU consumption of services and processes

Recently we added a new feature that shows you which service methods consume the most CPU. We’ve now extended this functionality to show you how much of each process’ CPU is used by each service. This allows for end-to-end analysis of CPU consumption.

Let’s assume you have a process that consumes a lot of CPU. When you click the CPU section of the infographic shown below you see the process’ CPU breakdown over time. We’ve added a new breakdown called Services that shows you how much of the process’ CPU consumption can be attributed to the services it hosts.

Click the Services button to view a detailed breakdown by service instances.

1image2015-4-10 9-54-541Aimage2015-4-10 9-55-13

In this example you can see that half of the process’ CPU is used by the easyTravel Customer Frontend service. Analyzing this service reveals that most of the process’ CPU is consumed by the orange.jsf request.

2image2015-4-10 9-55-342Aimage2015-4-10 9-55-59

With this information you can now analyze the orange.jsf request. To enhance visibility, this view focuses on slow requests in the analysis. As you can see, Dynatrace has identified a big CPU hotspot (4.7 s) caused by inefficient cache lookup in the method hotspot.

4image2015-4-10 9-56-223Aimage2015-4-10 10-13-23

With this functionality Dynatrace now provides complete end-to-end analysis of the CPU usage of services.