Cool and intuitive service infographics

We’ve introduced a major revamp to our service infographics. In addition to being more streamlined, the service infographics now convey details about queues and messaging services.

Web request services

The web request service infographic has undergone the most change. As you can see, we still separate Resource requests from Dynamic requests, but the design now includes intuitive browser-style tabs to differentiate between the two resource types. Also worth noting is that the load elements on the left (Resource requests/min from Dynamic requests/min) are no longer clickable.

Web request service infographicsWeb request service infographics

Queue support

We’ve adapted the service infographic design to convey queue support. Any service that either sends messages to or pulls messages from a queue includes a Queues icon on the right of the infographic. This gives you easy access to all queues that a given service uses. Note that the arrows between the main part of the infographic and the Queues icon tell you if the service is sending messages, receiving messages, or both. In the example below, the Customer Frontend is sending to one queue and receiving from a second queue.

Queue support service infographics

We’ve adapted the messaging service infographic in the same way to show how each messaging service listens and processes messages. Although a service typically only listens on a single queue, there can be setups where a messaging service listens on multiple queues. As you can see in the example below, the Hot Deal Provider messaging service listens on one queue, receives two messages per minute, and sends messages to another queue.

Queue support service infographics

All other service infographics…

To maintain a consistent look and feel, all infographics have been adapted in a similar way, as you can see below:

Derby client service infographics

Tomcat service infographics

CouchDB service infographics

Requests to public networks  service infographics

Requests to unmonitored hosts service infographics

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