Code-level hotspots for Nginx web server

Some time ago Dynatrace released code-level hotspot analysis for Apache web server. We’re happy to announce that this functionality is now also available for Nginx.

With code-level hotspot analysis for Nginx you can answer questions like:

  • Which Nginx module has the highest response time contribution?
  • Which Nginx modules contribute to the response times of specific services and web requests?

For response time analysis of both complete services and individual web requests, Dynatrace shows you exactly which modules your Nginx web server spends the most time processing. The example below shows that the analyzed requests spent most of the time processing the proxy module (in addition to other modules).

Nginx web server

  • Nginx internals – Represents the time that the Nginx web server spent handling requests, outside of any modules.
  • Nginx modules – Click to view a breakdown of the contributions of each Nginx module.

This next example shows that the analyzed requests spent most of the time processing the fastcgi module (in addition to other modules). Note that some fast modules that don’t contribute to response time are correlated together and listed as other modules.


Nginx code-level hotspot analysis is dynamic and so detects all modules as long as they consume a significant amount of response time. This means no more blind spots for your Nginx web server performance monitoring! Dynatrace now offers real user experience monitoring, web server metrics, end-to-end request monitoring, and now finally, deep monitoring for your Nginx web server.