Gomez Data in Action – Cloud Performance Data Released

Note: This is a guest post by Ryan Bateman, based on a longer post from the CloudSleuth* blog.

CloudSleuth today released 12 months of data ranking the average global performance of many major cloud service providers.

More specifically, the results and trends seen as a result from about 500,000 tests run from various Gomez backbone node locations against a sample web application hosted in 25 different IaaS and PaaS providers.  The secret to these rankings lies in Gomez End-User Synthetic Backbone Monitoring. Check out the Global Provider View for the most up to date display of Gomez in action and by all means, provide feedback as to how we could measure these providers better!

* Asking yourself “what is CloudSleuth?” CloudSleuth is a community of cloud interested users looking to expand their knowledge of the subject.  Partners like Compuware in this cloud performance collaboration help power and contribute to the site, making cool things like the Global Provider View available for free and public consumption.

Ryan (@ryanbateman) is a Marketing Director at Dynatrace. He has been working in the IT and Telecommunications industries for over 12 years with experience in all forms of data communications. In his 8+ years at Dynatrace, he has spent considerable time experimenting with digital technologies and social media. Ryan also enjoys cynicism, soccer, basketball and video games.