Changes to Java heap monitoring

A while back we changed how we report Java heap memory metrics so that we now support all forms of garbage collectors. Among other things, this was necessary to support G1 and the Java 8 introduction of Metaspace.

As a result, we’ve streamlined how we present Java heap metrics. Now when you click the Java managed memory button on any Java process page you’ll see Suspension, Par Eden space, and CMS Old Gen. These names reflect the garbage collection strategy that’s in use.


To see the full breath of memory metrics, click the Show detailed memory metrics button.

Java heap


The details page not only gives you access to all memory pool metrics in your JVM, it also allows you to access the specific pid in cases where a process combines multiple pids into a single process group.

Note: Agents older than v1.75 no longer show Java heap metrics on Process pages. Please update to the latest Dynatrace version to get full support.