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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Dynatrace

Today is International Women’s Day, a day that’s dedicated to the celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the globe. In honor of this international day of recognition, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the achievements of the women of Dynatrace and highlight how, together, we are finding new ways to elevate, connect, and amplify female voices across the company, and the industry at large.

Dynatrace’s culture is rooted in a shared commitment to help teams accelerate innovation and transform the way they work. These efforts don’t just apply to our customers, but to our own internal teams as well. At Dynatrace, we are constantly striving to build a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation.

In support of these efforts, Dynatracers Sara Al-Hayale and Molly Rossman set out to establish a virtual internal women’s network to create connections and collectively identify ways to support and encourage female professional growth both at Dynatrace and the broader tech industry. What began as a small group of Dynatracers has rapidly expanded into the global Dynatrace Women’s Group, a network of 100+ Dynatrace women spanning all levels, departments, and regions across the company.

The Dynatrace Women’s Group has become a valuable resource for colleagues to communicate their experiences, obstacles, and achievements. The group hosts monthly meetings where members can openly discuss their individual experiences, as well as initiatives they’d like to pursue to foster the growth and development of women in the industry. These initiatives have previously included engaging with foundations such as the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and working closely with schools in our local communities to provide workshops for students who express interest in exploring careers in tech.

Beyond this, the group hosts an interactive Slack channel that serves as a daily source of connection for women across the company. “Our Slack channel is incredibly active,” said Al-Hayale. “It’s more than just a safe space, it’s a place where women can acknowledge and celebrate both each other’s achievements and those of women in leadership positions around the world, both internally and externally.”

This level of connectivity and mentorship is something that Noelle Faris, VP of Investor Relations at Dynatrace, acknowledges as critically important to women at all stages of their professional growth. “It is so meaningful to have mentors over the course of your career,” said Faris. “Networks like the Dynatrace Women’s Group are vital to driving those connections. It’s great to work at a company like Dynatrace that supports and embraces these relationships, not just between women but all employees. It’s important that we all serve as advocates for each other, and this is a dynamic that’s inherent to the Dynatrace culture.”

In this spirit, we’d like to encourage all employees to get involved with the Dynatrace Women’s Group’s efforts to advocate for women in tech. For more information on how you can participate, please email Sara Al-Hayale and Molly Rossman: Sara.Al-Hayale@dynatrace.com, Molly.Rossman@dynatrace.com