Building Monitoring into Your Container Application Environment

Dynatrace is the first and only OpenShift Primed monitoring solution powered by artificial intelligence.  OpenShift is based on docker and Kubernetes, and the next generation PaaS for developing, deploying and running containerized applications conveniently and at scale.  In this session Martin Etmajer, Technical Lead for Dynatrace and Chris Morgan, Technical Director for the OpenShift Partner Ecosystem from Red Hat, discussed the tight partnership the two companies have and how Dynatrace provides full monitoring insights into the hosts and applications you deploy with OpenShift, including automatic dependency detection, root cause analysis and diagnosis and how our AI provides Full stack monitoring—from the application layer to the OpenShift cluster.

Key takeaways:

  • Dynatrace and OpenShift are committed to the OpenShift technology as part of the Primed partnership and see this growing in the future.
  • Dynatrace is the only solution that provides wide and deep monitoring into each and every OpenShift offering be it Container Platform, Dedicated, or Online.
  • The 3 AAAs- Auto discovery, auto baselining, and AI-based auto problem analysis are critical in a container/microservices environment where containers are spun up and down all the time and failures occur frequently.

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