Black Friday Noon Update – A Few Hiccups But No Major Outages

Retail Sites

A few sites are experiencing occasional slowdowns, but the majority of transactions appear to be occurring without a glitch. Social media is carrying the occasional report of problems, but these are intermittent.

The main issues that we are seeing are with sites is with third-party objects. OutageAnalyzer is continuing to show issues with a number of third parties, but no major outages…yet. However, the number issues is starting to increase, so we will continue to monitor this through the rest of the day.

This data indicates that the issues we are seeing are directly related to third-party services that may not be able to support the heavy traffic being directed to them from many of their customer sites. This may not have been detected during testing of individual sites, pointing to the potential gap between the load testing performed by individual retail sites and that done by third-party services that provide services to multiple sites.

Mobile Shopping

An article in the NY Times states that “The shrewd shopper carries a smartphone“, but Compuware is finding that the mCommerce shopper is using a tablet.Our real user measurement data shows that the iPad is currently providing the third largest number of visitors to retail sites we are tracking, and that if these visitors are on WiFi, they are experience Perceived Page Load times that are only 0.35 seconds slower than visitors on Windows machines and 0.27 seconds slower than IE 9.

Interesting Statistics

The slowest homepages of the retailers we are tracking are in the top 10 for number of Hosts, Objects, or Bytes, with some appearing in one or more of these.

Top 5 Browsers

  1. MSIE9
  2. Chrome (23)
  3. Safari 6
  4. Safari 5
  5. Firefox16

Next update is at 5PM EST.