Best of DevOps Tallinn 2018 – a PurePerformance Recap!

Estonia, the country with the highest number of startups per capita, was hosting this year’s DevOps Tallinn event organized by TopConf. I was honored to kick off the conference, talking about my Unbreakable Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

In the spirit of sharing good ideas and content, I took my PurePerformance Podcast microphone and took a couple of quick interviews with every speaker. Giving them a chance to recap their key message and give everyone else who couldn’t make it to Tallinn this time a chance to see (well – hear) what they have missed 😊

#1: Don’t panic! How to launch large-scale sites with calm and confidence by Ryan Townsend

Ryan Townsend sharing his experience when he recently launched a large-scale eCommerce site. Great best practices around optimizing web pages, traffic control and why it is more important to deliver a fast experience vs no experience at all.

Listen to “Cafe 047: Don’t panic! How to launch large-scale sites with calm and confidence with Ryan Townsend” on Spreaker.

#2: DevOps by nature. How do we learn from ants and bees? By Mark Heistek

Mark Heistek gave us great insight into what is called: Biomimicry! Fascinating insights into how we humans already mimic nature in our product designs. He also recaps a recent engagement with the Dutch Railroad Company where he introduced new concepts and processes based on what nature has been doing successfully!

Listen to “Cafe 051: DevOps by nature. How do we learn from ants and bees with Mark Heistek” on Spreaker.
#3: ChatOps! – What’s, How’s & Possibilities… by Arnab Sinha

Arnab Sinha gave a great overview of what ChatOps is, the role and types of ChatOps bots, how to gradually start implementing ChatOps and how to proof the value. ChatOps is a great way to keep Dev & Ops informed about activities on both sides and most importantly – allows for automation of tasks that should no longer be manual!

Listen to “Cafe 049: ChatOps! – What’s, How’s & Possibilities… with Arnab Sinha” on Spreaker.

#4: No nouns! by Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries knows how the ups & downs of Monoliths vs Microservices. That’s what his talk “No nouns!” was all about. If you are about to embark on your Monolith to Microservice Transformation journey, make sure to check out Jan’s lessons learned. Especially knowing what hasn’t worked in his experience is as valuable as knowing which best practices most likely work!

Listen to “Cafe 048: No Nouns! Or! To Microservice or Not with Jan de Vries” on Spreaker.

#5: Managing Microservices – how to tame a sprawling set of services by Acacio Cruz

Acacio Cruz gave us a glimpse into Google’s learnings around managing large scale microservice implementations. Automation is key and it seems that Google has gone a step further and even automate most of the generation of the automation script such as Infrastructure as Code, Test as Code or even Monitoring as Code!

Listen to “Cafe 050: Managing Microservices at Google with Acacio Cruz” on Spreaker.

Thanks to DevOps Tallinn and the TopConf Team

Special thanks go out to the TopConf Team who is organizing DevOps Tallinn but also other conferences for the dev and ops community. Check out the TopConf website to see when the next conference is close to your home.

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