Alexander Francoeur

Alex is a product manager at ruxit. He is the expert in monitoring web applications with a special focus on real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring.

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Alexander Francoeur's articles

Mobile-device emulation for web checks

Web check device profiles & frequency estimates

Web check analysis for outages and performance spikes

Revamped Web checks page and Details view!

Weekly availability reports are here!

Content validation for availability web checks

New Web check tile available

Availability reports now include monthly trends

“Wait for next action” clickpath setting

Recorder enhancements for clickpath web checks

Enhanced Web check details pages

“Wait for element” clickpath replay option

Streamlined web-check creation and settings

Notification settings & performance thresholds for web checks

Monitor app availability from 3 more continents!

Monthly Availability reports for web checks

Support for Basic HTTP Authentication

Availability monitoring is out of beta!

24/7 availability monitoring now available!