Are Enterprises Ready for the Performance Challenges of Big Data and Cloud?

One of the top trends in IT today is the concept of Big Data, and while many still consider it to be the ‘buzzword’ of the day, in the world of enterprise computing, Big Data isn’t a choice anymore — it’s the new reality. According to Deloitte, by the end of 2012 more than 90% of the Fortune 500 will likely have at least some Big Data initiatives under way.

Businesses use Big Data tools to analyze and derive value from massive data sets. They gain competitive advantage in the process, and use it help to improve the experience of their customers. But these benefits can only be realized if the data can be processed intelligently, efficiently, and results delivered in a timely manner.

However, Big Data applications suffer from many of the cloud performance challenges and bottlenecks that plague current distributed applications, though the volume of performance data can be much larger, making troubleshooting all the more challenging. To facilitate speed and real-time results, a new approach to application performance management (APM) is required to support massively scalable architectures and dynamic, elastic resource allocation.

Optimizing data distribution across nodes, tuning transaction to query relationships, identifying I/O bottlenecks, tuning CPU and memory consumption amongst thousands of nodes, and assuring job list efficiency require deep insight into Big Data applications.

As part of our APM Spring 2012 Platform Release, today we introduced dynaTrace Enterprise which provides unprecedented visibility into both Cassandra NoSQL and Hadoop Map/Reduce Big Data environments, supporting these highly scalable elastic environments in several unique ways:

  •  Zero-configuration instrumentation: for real-time code-level clarity for faster tuning and more scalable instances at lower costs;
  • Out-of-the-box analytics and dashboards: optimized for Cassandra and Hadoop, for quick MTTR, effective tuning and easy management;
  • 1-2 percent overhead in high-volume production: for 24×7, all transaction monitoring for more available applications at lower cost;
  • Auto-adaptive instrumentation and dashboards for zero-touch elastic use;
  • Smart auto-baselines for fast time-to-value and no false-positive alerting even for dynamic, highly elastic environments; and
  • Automatic log file correlation to transaction detail for deeper application context and faster mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) than any alternative approach in the market.

In addition to Big Data applications, Cloud applications have also quickly become too dynamic for traditional APM systems, which require manual provisioning of virtual machines, dashboards and reporting systems. Dynatrace Enterprise changes all this with extended cloud capabilities for VMWare, EC2 and Azure.

With patented PurePath® technology, Dynatrace Enterprise can help organizations to easily optimize and manage EC2 and Azure cloud applications for greater performance and availability by providing:

  • Auto-discovery, auto-adaptive PurePath® instrumentation: for lower operational cost and deepest application visibility even for multi-cloud (e.g. vCloud + EC2 and/or Azure) and hybrid cloud environments;
  • Dynamic behavioral analytics for smart auto-baselines: adjusts to real-time events providing dramatically fewer false positive alerts than simple historical baselines;
  • Zero-configuration operations dashboards: adapts automatically to dynamic changes in the cloud infrastructure for fast time-to-value and no lost data;
  • Auto-correlated multi-layer view: for application, virtual machine, guest operating system, and hypervisor visibility for faster, more accurate triage, and fastest MTTR;
  • Secure 3-tier collector architecture: for easy administration, superior scalability and secure performance data management in single-cloud and multi-cloud environments, enabling truly global patented PurePath tracing; and
  • Cloud, Web and Mobile UEM for IPv6: for ensuring visibility in the growing number of IPv6 user base, with the only deep end-to-end user centric Dynatrace offering.

Our Spring 2012 Platform Release introduces a new generation of APM with four industry-first innovations across its Dynatrace and Gomez product brands that help customers optimize the performance and value of their business-critical applications. To read about our APM innovations, read my colleagues blog posts.

Steve has been working in the software and IT services industry for almost 20 years and has contributed in key roles to leading the evolution and modernization of the IT performance, including the adoption of Dynatrace as one of the fastest growing APM solutions in the industry. As Vice President for Product Management, he is responsible for product vision and go-to-market strategy. Prior to this role, Steve has held management positions in product management, technical sales and engineering. Steve also enjoys cycling, coaching and his children (not in that order). Steve has B.A. in Economics from Kalamazoo College.