Air Canada: Digital Performance Insight at Perform 2018

Performance engineering and service excellence are major initiatives at Air Canada, the country’s main airline carrier, which is creating a transformation not only in their technology, but overall culture as well.

At Perform 2018, Dynatrace’s user conference held in Las Vegas back in February, Mick Huyhn from Air Canada, shared an example of how this initiative encompassed both areas; specifically in their shift to providing services to key stakeholders throughout the organization, such that departments can free up valuable time and resources, and focus on what each department excels at, instead of designating and training members for tasks outside of their own expertise for the sake of expedience. Their overarching goal is to always be among the world’s top 10 carriers in everything they do; especially relating to their customers, and with over 35,000 employees, this was no small undertaking given the propensity for silos that comes with all organizations of this size.

In order to maintain this customer focus, according to Mick, “the most difficult thing for us was to explain to folks the concept of digital performance management; is it monitoring? Is it availability?” Even among other IT groups at Air Canada, this concept meant different things relating to their specific functions. At the core of this new standardized approach to digital performance management was to understand the customer experience as it relates to what IT can deliver.  After extensive investigation, they opted for the specific customer experience and monitoring capabilities of DC RUM from Dynatrace.  Then began the task of actually measuring success…which was not at all difficult, since Air Canada saw the immediate benefits of:

  • 55% Reduction in Outages
  • 35% acceleration in problem resolution

Given the success of this initiative and using Dynatrace as a key technology partner, the Air Canada team now has the ambition to be seen as thought-leaders in the Performance Engineering space by 2020. They have an extensive roadmap which seeks to engage and involve many other groups throughout the organization, to standardize on processes and technologies, as well as eliminate siloes that can traditionally form between Business, Development and Operations…and Dynatrace will be instrumental throughout this endeavor.  Throughout this very complex journey, Air Canada learned some valuable lessons, such as:

  • Identify a Clear Engagement Process
  • Go for the “quick wins” in the beginning
  • Display dashboards…everywhere

Mick underscores this last point saying, “When people see dashboards, they will stop, they will look, they will ask questions…and that’s where the engagement starts.” And specifically, this allows business to see the value of what IT is providing.  Dynatrace takes this to the next step, in that while a standard dashboard might illustrate changes resulting in an increased performance, but DC RUM shows how this actually impacts the users, the overall business and ultimately the bottom-line.

You can watch the entire session by clicking on the player below:

This is just one of the many compelling stories and real-life use cases that our customers have shared with us at the Perform 2018 conference in Las Vegas.  To watch even more stories around Business Transformation, we invite you to register and join us for Perform Europe taking place May 23-25, 2018 at the W Hotel in Barcelona.

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