Accelerating Speed of the Mobile Web

Today we announced our latest release of the Gomez APM platform introducing industry-first innovations across our APM platform that help customers optimize application performance to improve customer satisfaction and maximize conversions, increase revenues, brand loyalty and employee productivity. These industry-firsts provide:

• The most comprehensive mobile and streaming media performance monitoring and testing network;
• deepened collaboration with Google;
• the industry’s most advanced end-user experience performance analytics; and
• unmatched deep application visibility and diagnostics via integration with Dynatrace.

Read Claudia Dent’s blog post to learn more about the ‘industry-firsts’ included in our Fall APM Platform release that enable organizations to optimize their web, non-web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications quickly save money and time.

Earlier this year we announced that the Compuware Gomez APM platform had been integrated with Google Page Speed to give developers and organizations actionable insight and recommendations on how to speed up web application performance. Page Speed was integrated with the Gomez Recorder to help businesses optimize their web applications.

Today we’re announcing the industry’s first integration with Google Mobile Page Speed. Compuware now integrates the Gomez Recorder and Gomez Cross-Browser Testing solution with Mobile Page Speed to help organizations optimize their mobile applications.
We know that mobile internet usage is skyrocketing worldwide. According to IDC, in 3 years more US Internet users will access the Web through mobile devices than through PCs and Google has seen US mobile queries grow by 4x in past year. In the next 18 months, IDC expects 15-30% of traffic of site traffic to come from mobile.

In late 2010 global smartphones sales outpaced PC sales for the first time. The reality is that in a global population with more than 5 billion subscriptions, smartphones are still niche. However, in the US smartphone penetration is racing past 35-45% – smartphones are going mainstream and today’s smartphones are tomorrows feature phones.

Similar to the Web, mobile users expect rich, engaging mobile website and application end-user experiences. According to a recent consumer survey, 89% of US mobile web users expect a website to load on their mobile phone in 5 seconds or less. Our own testing revealed that 75% of the top 80 US mobile websites are not meeting end-users mobile web performance expectations. Successful mobile websites are optimized for speed.

To help organizations optimize applicatin performance, today we announced the first and only commercial integration with Google Mobile Page Speed. The integration of Mobile Page Speed with the Gomez Recorder and Cross-Browser Testing will make it easy for developers and mobile site managers to leverage industry leading mobile web application performance optimization best practices. Mobile Page Speed analyzes the content of a mobile web page, and then generates ranked suggestions to make that page faster.

By integrating with Mobile Page Speed, the Gomez platform is leveraging a proven, established mobile web application performance optimization tool that provides organizations actionable recommendations on how to improve mobile web application performance. This enables companies to maximize their mobile investments to increase revenues and decrease support costs.

Read the FAQ that provides the full scope of the ‘industry first’ innovations and key enhancements included in our latest

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