A thank you to our competition

Since the early days of the technology industry, “wanna be” upstarts have followed a simple strategy – bash the category leader. Today, blogs make it easy for those less well known to make silly claims in an attempt to attract attention. While we are flattered that the “wanna bes” recognize us as the leader in new generation APM (if you’re interested, here are a few independent proof points), it’s our policy to stay above the fray. We believe blog posts should be about helping customers make better-informed decisions.

That’s why when you are ready to consider a modern APM system our advice is to do a proper head to head evaluation with those vendors who best meet your needs. Ask vendors to do a proof of concept to validate their technology in an application of your choice. Give vendors 90 minutes and see what they can demonstrate. Measure the success of the install against YOUR requirements, not theirs. Make them run in both QA and production. And test production overhead against the level of data they provide. Ask each vendor to trace 100% of the transactions and capture all of the code 100% of the time. And then watch what happens. If a vendor can’t win on the technology, they will often default to bashing the competition. And at this point you know who’s afraid of whom, and who’s confident in the value they deliver to customers.

We understand the value application performance brings to the enterprise. We are not just another APM company trying to build a better mousetrap. We are a group of people dedicated to partnering with our customers to help them solve their performance challenges. We are not cartoon super heroes, vendor bashers, wanna be blog posters or silent three letter has-beens. We are thought leaders driving innovation and delivering value to our customers. Check us out. We will be happy to show you why the industry calls us the leader. Give us a call and we will deliver value in hours.

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