7-minute-workout: How app-centric dashboards save the day

Most Dynatrace customers host multiple applications on their infrastructure. They range from “applications” that are as simple as basic Internet/Intranet presence to complex “Platform as a service” (PaaS) environments. From time to time, we come across a customer’s use of Dynatrace that is so innovative and powerful, we just have to share it with you.

PaaS(es) for the masses!

One of our earliest customers offers an e-commerce Paas-solution. Their environment is not Enterprise-scale and it’s not their primary business. Nonetheless it deserved as much attention and care as any project, which is why they selected Dynatrace to support their small three-person team.

This customer reached out to us via email a couple days ago because they were amazed at how easy and quick it was to configure their homepage dashboard. Have a look here:

Because Dynatrace offers an application-centric view (versus a technology-centric view that’s organized around servers or databases), it’s easy to add tiles to your homepage that focus on individual aspects of a single application.

The screen capture above shows real-user data, frontend services, databases, and backend services per application in a single column. With dozens of such environments online, the dashboard is actually much larger than we can show here in a single screen capture.

In a single column Dynatrace displays the most important information about visitor browsing experiences, details of all services, and everything you need to know concerning databases. And, most importantly, these numbers are shown per application. So, you need performance metrics for a single app? Dynatrace has them.

Show us your dashboards

Configure your homepage dashboards within minutes; you’ll then save time every day thereafter with a conveniently structured dashboard. In under far less than seven minutes you can gather all the necessary data about your environment.

Configure your dashboards according to your needs. Don’t have a Dynatrace account? Take advantage of our free trial! It offers you enough credits to extensively test Dynatrace in your environment. With no credit card required, you’ll have Dynatrace up and running in your environment in no time!

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