7-minute workout: Analyze your performance in different locations

Editor’s note: This is the first post in our Dynatrace 7-minute workout series. Over the coming weeks we’ll share a number of such helpful posts to help you identify valuable insights in your environment.

Does your website perform equally well in every corner of the globe? Before you invest time and energy into ensuring peak performance worldwide, ask yourself this question: Which markets are critically important to the success of my business? If your site is like the majority of sites in the world, chances are that your offering is tailored for a domestic market, not a global market.

Global Internet traffic

Dynatrace web monitoring has everything you need to evaluate your website’s performance across the globe. The worldmap view below shows that nearly all Internet visitors come from the US. Yes, there’s some traffic from other countries, but this is mostly just single visits every now and again.

The US region has the most visitors
The US region has the most visitors

Now let’s look at performance metrics for the US and other countries.

Website performance for US and other countries
Website performance for US and other countries

As you can see above, in contrast to the analysis of where most Internet visitors come from, performance at a global level is not as good as it needs to be—US performance is only fair. There can be many reasons for this. One possible reason is that certain CDN providers or 3rd party scripts perform differently across global regions.

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But the bigger question is, how important are such global performance insights to your business?

Analyze your domestic market

Performance varies greatly from region to region within large countries. This is why Dynatrace allows you to deep dive into the performance metrics of regions within large countries.

User experience detail for US markets
User experience detail for US markets

Dynatrace shows great performance for some regions in the US, while most regions show only average performance. This information isn’t that valuable however until you cross-reference it with details about where your customers live.

Geo-location of US-based customers
Geo-location of US-based customers

Based on Dynatrace analysis of user actions on a region-by-region basis, you can now see where most of your customers live. These are the regions where optimal performance is key to your business success. It’s worth spending time and money to ensure that your site delivers peak performance in these regions.

Dynatrace offers lots of information you can use to identify the causes of varying performance across regions within a country. Maybe the performance of your site’s 3rd party content providers is the culprit. Other causes may be CDNs not performing up to par, server problems, or issues with your application.

Dynatrace can answer all such questions for you.

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Martin is a member of the Dynatrace Innovation Lab and works as Tech Lead for Azure and Microservices technologies. Before joining Dynatrace, he worked as a Lead Software Developer and Architect on Java web applications for about a decade. Besides that, he is dedicated to software architecture, retro gaming and running.

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