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Monitoring at web-scale screenshot
Monitoring at web-scale screenshot

Purpose-built for web-scale environments

The Dynatrace software intelligence platform is built with a cloud native architecture that scales out without limits. With role-based governance for large global teams, automatic enterprise-wide deployment and full stack coverage across infrastructure, cloud platforms and applications, Dynatrace is made for the most demanding enterprise environments.

Smartscape focused on an OpenShift host

Scale-out cloud native architecture

Scale-out cloud native architecture

The Dynatrace scalable grid architecture provides easy and limitless horizontal scalability for both SaaS and on-premises Managed deployments. Dynatrace scales up as your monitoring environment grows by simply adding nodes, with built-in failover and automatic load balancing to ensure optimal resource usage.

Role-based governance for large global teams

With management zones, Dynatrace provides you with a powerful way to partition information by applications, hosts, process groups, services and more. Management zones enable definition of fine-grained access rights, promoting collaboration and sharing while also helping teams maintain focus and ensuring secure access controls.

Management zones

Automatic enterprise deployment

Dynatrace OneAgent makes it easy to deploy Dynatrace, no matter how large or diverse your environment. Other solutions require you to know exactly what technologies are running on every host, VM and container, and then deploy multiple agents. With Dynatrace, simply deploy OneAgent and we automatically discover and map your environment. Be up and running in hours, not months.

Automatic enterprise deployment

Broad technology stack coverage

Dynatrace continuously collects data from across all components of modern application and infrastructure stack. Covering cloud-native stacks like Kubernetes, OpenShift and Cloud Foundry as well as traditional enterprise technologies including IBM System Z plus integration and middleware technologies, Dynatrace provides seamless, fully automatic integration and operations.

All supported technologies


Hybrid cloud technologies

High fidelity data for high volume AI analytics

Dynatrace OneAgent automatically traces each distributed transaction end-to-end, capturing far more traces with higher fidelity than any other tracing technology on the market. Each Dynatrace OneAgent captures 1,000+ end-to-end traces, or PurePaths, every minute for every process. Better data means better AI, which results in more precise answers for faster and more automated problem resolution.

Service flow

We went from zero to 12,000 hosts in less than two months. Our staging environment and production roll out happened while I was having some beers and a BBQ over the weekend! Automation, trust and tools were key to this success.”
Reinhard Weber, Product manager at SAP CX

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