Production Monitoring 

See your war room only in the rearview mirror 


Why does it take so long to fix application performance problems?

Crushing frustration: You’re on your way into the war room……again……and you don’t have the faintest idea why.

OK, you know the eCommerce site is bouncing customers, which narrows the possible causes down to—only 500 or so. You know what’s waiting for you in that room. Test, ops, and support people are there. Someone’s trying to get the ISP and CDN providers on the phone. The LoB manager is pounding on the table. Everyone’s pointing fingers.

It’s going to be a long night.

You want to spend your time creating incredible apps that change your customers’ lives and possibly save the universe—is that so much to ask? (We don’t think so.) But when there’s a problem—and there WILL be problems—you need find it before users do and collaborate with other stakeholders to get it fixed, fast. We provide the edge-to-app visibility, adaptability, detail and diagnostics to help your triage team accurately identify and quickly resolve performance issues, turning finger-pointing into high-fives.

  • Proactive application monitoring: anticipate problems well before your app breaks

  • Smart, adaptive alerts: understand why, where and how and automatically adjust for next time

  • Edge-to-app transparency: hold the right component accountable, including 3rd parties

  • Record and isolate transactions: don’t waste time reproducing problems, just hit replay

  • Pinpoint the problem instantly: don’t sift through logs, get right to code level detail

Turn your war room into a team room. Or better yet—a break room.