Performance Engineering

Release you can trust - really.


Will it work when we go live?

It’s a simple question, right? One very simple, very loaded question. Releasing apps feels like the ultimate ‘fall backwards and your teammate will catch you’ trust exercise. Just close your eyes: Trust that it will release on time. That the new features will work under load and won’t break anything already in place. That 3rd party pieces will run smoothly. That you can find and fix problems before your end users’ experiences go sour. And the ultimate trust exercise – that you can do it all again tomorrow, the next day and every day after that.

That’s a LOT of trust.

Well, we think blind faith has no place in developing and releasing applications that are essentially driving your company’s future. Transparency » visibility » insight » action = reliable, repeatable outcomes. We give you code-to-click visibility that delivers actionable insights at every step in your app lifecycle, and makes DevOps a reality.

  • Transparency: code to click and back—no walls, no blind spots, no guessing
  • Visibility: unified view of performance across teams—everyone’s on the same page
  • Insight: see every problem in context—understand why and how, not just what
  • Action: fix problems once—base changes on knowledge, not assumptions

See, share, understand, act—fast. Of course it will work when you go live.