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What is OpenCensus?

What is OpenCensus?

Google made the OpenCensus project open source in 2018. This was based on Google’s Census library that was used internally for gathering traces and metrics from their distributed systems. Like the OpenTracing project, the goal of OpenCensus was to give developers a vendor-agnostic library for collecting traces and metrics.

What happened to OpenTracing and OpenCensus?

OpenTracing and OpenCensus were two competing tracing frameworks, which led to the informal reference “the Tracing Wars.” Usually, competition is a good thing for end-users since it breeds innovation. However, in the open-source specification world, competition can lead to poor adoption, contribution, and support. To avoid this, it was announced at KubeCon 2019 in Barcelona that the OpenTracing and OpenCensus projects would converge into one project called OpenTelemetry and join the CNCF.

The first beta version was then released in March 2020, and it continues to be the second most active CNCF project after Kubernetes.