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Critical lessons from Log4j: Strengthening cyber defenses in government systems

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Vulnerabilities like Log4Shell serve as stark reminders of the critical need for robust defenses, particularly within government agencies.

This eBook dives deep into the aftermath of such attacks, highlighting the lessons learned, and how organizations are leveraging observability to shield their public sector operations for the future.

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From this whitepaper, you'll gain:

Actionable strategies: Insights into practical approaches to protect government systems.

Real-world perspectives: True stories and experiences shared by leaders on the frontlines.

Proven solutions: Discover how Dynatrace empowers public sector customers with observability.

A path forward: Insights to secure government applications against emerging threats.

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This eBook has been adapted from the webinar, Learning From Log4j: How to Keep Government Applications Secure, in which the following leaders took part:


Willie Hicks

Public Sector Chief Technologist


Sarah Nur

Department of the Treasury


West Coile
Assistant Director of the Center for Enhanced Cybersecurity
U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)


Solomon Adote
Delaware Department of Technology and Information