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See How IDC
Calculated a 6-Month Payback

and 451% 3-year ROI for Customers Using Dynatrace

IDC interviewed global customers to calculate the business value of Dynatrace for improved visibility into the performance and security of their application and infrastructure environments.

In this complimentary white paper, explore the analysis, charts, and customer quotes which detail the business benefits and ROI organizations received with Dynatrace’s unified platform for end-to-end observability and security.

Brief summary of findings:

With Dynatrace, the enterprises interviewed significantly improved the time it took to identify, remediate, and prevent performance problems, with a notable impact on the customer experience and cost to operate applications. Customers also noted savings were associated with improved efficiency, freeing up scarce resources - like application developers - to focus on work that drives revenue and grows the business rather than spending time hunting for answers and resolving application problems.

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