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Gartner® Report: A CTO's Guide to Cloud-Native

Answering the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is cloud-native and why is everyone so excited about it? The interest in cloud-native is directly a result of interest around cloud computing itself. While hype has somewhat subsided, cloud adoption is growing and mainstream today. It is enabling infrastructure and application modernization as well as migration. Organizations simply want to take advantage of cloud.

Take a look, as Gartner outlines the top 10 FAQs around Cloud-Native:

  1. What is cloud-native, and why is everyone so excited about it?
  2. Why is there so much confusion around cloud-native?
  3. How does cloud-native compare with multicloud and hybrid cloud?
  4. Are cloud-native and distributed cloud synergistic?
  5. How does cloud-native impact your overall cloud strategy?
  6. How do we assess vendor claims about cloud-native?
  7. Is moving to cloud-native the same as digital transformation?
  8. What are the common use cases for cloud-native?
  9. How does cloud-native affect architecture?
  10. Is "lift and shift" the opposite of cloud-native?

Gartner, A CTO’s Guide to Cloud-Native: Answering the Top 10 FAQs, David Smith, 9th December 2021

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