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Advanced observability for ArcGIS and other critical apps in state and local agencies

Many cities, counties, and states use geographic information system (GIS) apps to modernize and become more agile, resilient, and transparent.

Solutions such as ArcGIS can provide data-driven insights for situations that cannot fail, such as preparing for and recovering from natural disasters, ensuring emergency response has validated and dispatchable locations for first responders, or managing field crew workflows, to name a few.

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  • Provide a complete picture of application performance, health, and behavior in hybrid environments, including third party vendor apps.
  • Deliver a compelling return on investment (ROI) when considering the financial costs of each hour of downtime.
  • Improve employee satisfaction by removing manual work associated with time-consuming and expensive fire drills during app outages.
  • Cut costs by aligning on a single platform and simplifying monitoring tool sprawl that pushes IT teams to work in silos.

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