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Synthetic logo


Synthetic monitors provide 24x7 visibility into the performance and availability of your mobile and web applications as well as your APIs.

  • synthetic
  • api
  • availability
  • browser
  • dem
  • digital experience
  • http
  • metrics
  • monitoring
  • performance
  • web-monitoring
Synthetic monitor DNS logo

Synthetic monitor DNS

Synthetically monitor your DNS servers to be proactively alerted when they fail.

Synthetic monitor Ping logo

Synthetic monitor Ping

Synthetically monitor your device availability using ping and allows alerting.

Synthetic monitor Ports logo

Synthetic monitor Ports

Synthetically monitor port availability on your servers.

Credential Vault logo

Credential Vault

Securely store credentials for your synthetic monitors and extensions 2.0.

  • synthetic
  • Azure Key Vault
  • credentials
  • CyberArk Vault
  • HashiCorp Vault
  • secure storage
Advanced SSL Certificate Check for Dynatrace logo

Advanced SSL Certificate Check for Dynatrace

Perform extended SSL certificate checks and integrate seamlessly with your existing synthetic monitors.

Technology by 360performance
  • synthetic test
  • certificate
  • ssl
Multi-Monitor Updater Sample logo

Multi-Monitor Updater Sample

Sample app for bulk changes to synthetic monitor configurations.

ActiveGate logo


Route traffic, monitor cloud environments, monitor remote technologies with extensions and run synthetic monitors.

  • synthetic
  • dynatrace
  • extension
  • http
  • monitoring
Ping Every Second logo

Ping Every Second

Measure your network latency every second, understand the performance level and receive more details about network availability.

Technology by MarketWare
  • synthetic
  • ActiveGate
  • extension
  • latency
  • network
How fast is your app? logo

How fast is your app?

Measure your native mobile app performance and availability on real Android and iPhone devices, with no instrumentation.

Technology by MarketWare
  • synthetic
  • dem
  • mobile