Top challenges facing CIOs
in a hybrid cloud world

This global study, of 800 CIOs, highlights a widening gap between IT resources and the demands of managing cloud ecosystems, revealing that the time spent tackling alert storms from monitoring tools is costing organizations an average of $1.5 million annually.

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CIOs are turning to AI to bridge the gap between constrained IT resources and cloud complexity

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  • Clouds

Taming the cloud has gone beyond human abilities as the gap between complexity and IT resources widens

  • AI brain

Precise, explainable AI-backed answers hold the key to enabling organizations to keep up with digital transformation

  • Gear Arrows

Advanced automation and AI offers a radically different approach that paves the way to autonomous cloud operations

IT teams are drowning in a data deluge as traditional monitoring tools weren’t designed for the scale and complexity of the cloud.


is the average number of monitoring alerts IT and cloud operations teams receive each day.


The proportion of alerts organizations receive each day that require actioning is


IT teams are struggling to manually integrate and correlate alerts, costing organizations time and money.


is the average proportion of IT teams’ time spent identifying which alerts to focus on.


The average amount organizations waste sorting through monitoring alerts is


Organizations need a new approach to monitoring their cloud environments and are looking to AI and automation for the answer - but challenges remain.

The number of incidents each year that could have been prevented if alerts were seen or acted upon in time is




is the percentage of organizations that say the volume of alerts, and time required to sift through them, is making it difficult to automate cloud operations.

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