Know your customer... 

Yes, singular.



Why am I the last to know why my customers are leaving?

Customers may not know exactly what they want, but the ALWAYS know what they don’t want. And, if they’re not happy, chances are the entire digital world will hear about it before you do. They’re hyper-connected, impatient and LOVE to share…with everyone but you. 90% of unhappy online customers simply leave and never come back. 80% of them tell others about it—instantly, from their smart device.


See your customer’s perspective before you hear your customer’s voice…everywhere. And yes, we mean EACH customer individually. Because each customer’s experience is unique. Page-tagging doesn’t cut it—pages don’t buy products, people do. We focus on the visit. From click or swipe, from San Francisco to Singapore, we deliver the visibility, context, insight and adaptability to make (and keep) your customers happy. Every single one of them.

  • Visibility: See exactly where the bottleneck is, anywhere in the transaction chain

  • Context: Know what, when, why and how for every user, every device, everywhere, every time

  • Insight: Make decisions based on real user experiences, not page performance

  • Adaptability: Identify user patterns quickly—good and bad—to anticipate trends and act fast

Every click, every swipe, everywhere, every time. Know your customer.