Dynatrace for Mobile

Helping You Manage a World-Class Mobile Presence

30 to 50% of Users Are Now Coming From Mobile Devices

Don't compromise. Monitor all of your customer touch points. Mobile complexity continues to increase due to the vast number of devices, operating systems, wireless carriers, locations, and third-party components, which pose significant hurdles when it comes to monitoring your mobile performance. Monitor your mobile web, HTML5-based sites and hybrid or native apps with a single source of truth.

75% of Mobile Users Encounter Problems

Stop aimlessly throwing money, time and a plethora of siloed mobile tools at problems. They are just band-aids and do not solve the core issue. With Forty percent of developers' time spent triaging issues, focus on activities that contribute directly to business growth and innovation are impacted. You need to know exactly where, when and why bottlenecks are occurring so you can innovate faster than your competition.

Don't Focus On Only One Dimension Of Mobile

Learn from your users, rinse and repeat. Sixty-seven percent of consumers start engaging with you on one device and continue on another. The modern mobile experience involves users visiting your web site, mobile site, mobile app and back again from tablets and smartphones. Remove the guesswork, prioritize and address issues with a single integrated solution.

What About Hybrid Apps?

Getting ready to combine the best (and worst) elements of native and HTML5 apps? Many organizations are building hybrid apps consisting of a HTML5 web app within a thin native container. It's a simple and cost effective way to code once using web technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) and release your application on multiple platforms. However, it's extremely difficult to get the visibility you need into how your Hybrid App is actually performing. Don't worry. Support for Hybrid Mobile Apps with Dynatrace offers support for Hybrid Apps providing the same holistic understanding of the user experience and performance.

Mobile Is Complex. You Can Make It Simple.

Dynatrace for Mobile is the only solution that allows you to address today's mobile complexity, start innovating faster than your competition and take the guesswork out of identifying and prioritizing mobile performance improvements.