Dynatrace Real User Monitoring
for Mobile & Web Apps

Enterprise-Class Real-User Monitoring Made Easy

Dynatrace Real-User Monitoring forMobile and Web Applications delivers greater insight with greater ease than any real-user experience monitoringcapability in the industry. Capture complete transactions for every user's visit. Identify which users have experienced problems, and understand their business impact. Replay transactions, drill down for root cause analysis, and gain full visibility into code that runs inside the browser or mobile app. You can manage all your web, mobile web and native mobile apps with a single solution. Understand how performance is impacting your bottom line.

Manage Web, Mobile Web, Native Mobile and Hybrid Mobile Applications, All in One Solution

Explore an integrated view of user experience from web, mobile web, native mobile and hybrid mobile applications.

Application delivery channels diverge into web, mobile web, native mobile and hybrid mobile applications for iOS or Android based devices. Manage the web and mobile application user experience with Dynatrace — the industry first solution for monitoring web applications, websites, mobile websites, native mobile apps, and hybrid apps that leverage HTML 5 and native components. Tame the complexity by showing user experience of all different sources in a unified manner, combining performance, third-party service, and business analytics.

Conversions, Bounce Rates and Performance Analytics Through a Single Pane of Glass

User experience is tightly coupled to the success of your site. Your sales success or failure is significantly impacted by the performance and errors of your pages. Dynatrace correlates business information like number of visits, conversions, completed orders and other key business metrics in the context of user experience. You get all the answers to questions like "How does the performance of my site affect online sales?"

Understand User Experience for Web Applications

Dynatrace tracks every single user click and analyzes performance and functional problems in real time. Whether the problem is limited to a specific geography, site function or group of users, you have all information at hand to efficiently resolve the problem.

Get Deep Insight into Native Mobile and Hybrid Mobile Applications

User experience does not stop with web applications. For many businesses, mobile is the fastest growing sales channel, accounting for up to 50% of new revenues. At the same time, the mobile marketplace is more fragmented and complex, with more devices, operating systems and network providers. Dynatrace monitors native mobile and hybrid mobile applications to make sure you seize control of this critically important channel.

Monitor and Optimize Landing Pages, Entry Pages and Exit Pages

First impressions matter, and that goes for your website too. Don't let your SEM and SEO spend go to waste. Focus on the right areas with automatic discovery of all landing pages, entry pages, and exit pages, and instantly start monitoring them for performance and availability. Stop guessing how you're doing, and start optimizing these key pages to satisfy more users and boost your Google rankings.

Resolve Customer Complaints in Real Time

There is nothing worse than a customer complaining about your site when you don't have the information you need at hand. With Dynatrace, all you have to do is enter the username to immediately see the user did on your site or mobile app. Imagine the possibilities. You can even proactively contact a customer when something goes wrong — and prevent a one-star rating from blemishing your reputation.

Follow a User Click Through Your Entire Infrastructure

Dynatrace does not stop at your users' browsers. Using patented PureStack™and PurePath Technology®, you can follow each user click through your whole server-side infrastructure (Java, .NET, PHP, …) down to a single method invocation or database call. 100% of your traffic is captured so you are never limited to aggregated data or "suspicious" transactions.

Understand How Third Parties Affect The Experience of Your Customers

Today's web sites heavily depend on third party content to work properly. What if these services are slow or — even worse — unavailable? Remember when web sites all around the world returned blank pages because of a social media outage? Dynatrace provides detailed insight into third-party performance, enabling you to monitor third parties at the level you monitor your own site.

Resolve Client-Side Performance Functional Problems for JavaScript and Beyond

Web pages today do a lot more than just downloading and displaying content. Still, this is where most performance monitoring solutions stop. Dynatrace provides insight even into client-side JavaScript logic. For modern websites this removes up to 70% of the blind spots of your users' experience.

Lowest Cost of Ownership with Zero Configuration

Dynatrace lets IT do more with less. It simplifies and automates cumbersome, manual tasks required by traditional monitoring systems. With zero-configuration deployment, self-learning baselines with alerts, out-of-the-box dashboards and auto-correlated system monitoring, Dynatrace reduces costs while providing advanced capabilities for the operational challenges of modern applications.