Dynatrace User Experience Management

Application Performance from an Outside-In Perspective

Your users' experience directly impacts your success. When services are delayed or interrupted, your company's reputation is on the line â?? even when the problem lies in a third-party service provider or cloud platform. User Experience Management from Dynatrace helps you focus on what really matters: your users' actual experience of every interaction, from any device, application and location. It's the only comprehensive, integrated platform for monitoring, diagnosing, and correcting application performance challenges no matter where they occur. Choose from four solutions with flexible deployment options, including cloud-based SaaS, on-premise, or a hybrid model according to your needs.

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Real-User Monitoring for Mobile and Web Applications

Dynatrace Real-User Monitoring for Mobile and Web Applications delivers greater insight with greater ease than any end-user-experience monitoring capability in the industry. Capture complete transactions for every user's visit. Identify which users have experienced problems, and understand their business impact. Replay transactions, drill down for root cause analysis, and gain full visibility into code that runs inside the browser or mobile app. You can manage all your web, mobile web and native mobile apps with a single solution. Understand how performance is impacting your bottom line. More >

Real-User Monitoring for Enterprise Applications

Dynatrace Real-User Monitoring for Enterprise Applications features the industry's most reliable and scalable solution for monitoring enterprise applications. Unlike other solutions, Dynatrace provides a complete view of all applications, for all users, all transactions, and all locations, 24/7. Make better investment and infrastructure decisions guided by your users' actual experience. Optimize your most critical business applications such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Siebel, Cerner, Epic and many others. More >

Synthetic Monitoring for Mobile and Web Applications

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring for Mobile and Web Applications monitors and measures your critical web applications for response time and availability, leveraging the largest and most comprehensive performance-testing network in the world. Our integrated platform makes it easy to test transactions for mobile and web applications from major backbone sites and real consumer PCs around the globe. Get an "outside-in" perspective by using real browsers from the locations and networks your customers use. Prevent performance problems before they negatively impact your customers, your business, and your brand. More >

Synthetic Enterprise Apps

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring for Enterprise Apps proactively tests availability and performance across the enterprise by simulating real-user activity for any application 24/7. Use reliable thresholds to discover and resolve problems before they negatively impact end users, monitor and report on SLAs, and baseline application performance for key locations around the world. More >