Dynatrace for Java, .NET & PHP

100% Visibility Into Your Java, .NET & PHP Apps Find Root Cause With One Click

Dynatrace for Java, .NET and PHP is the smartest and fastest time-to-value APM solution available for today's modern Java, .NET and PHP applications. Powered by PureStackTM and PurePath Technology®, Dynatrace captures timing and code level context for all transactions, end-to-end, from user click, across all tiers, to the database and back. With this exact, deep atomic level detail across 100% of transactions and infrastructure, Dynatrace PHP, .NET & Java, .NET & PHP Application Monitoring enables the fastest path to root cause on the market—one click to line of code.

Manage Complex Heterogeneous Systems with Ease

With its broad support of enterprise technologies and platforms, Dynatrace can trace each transaction through your entire datacenter—across web servers, application servers, messaging middleware and enterprise service buses to the database and even into the mainframe world—giving you full visibility into communication patterns and dependencies for all your applications and services. The fully automated transaction flow visualization even includes calls to external services, allowing you to hold your vendors accountable with crystal clear facts.

Understand User Impact with Integrated Real-User Monitoring

Dynatrace solution for Java, .NET and PHP application performance monitoring combines visit-based and real-user monitoring into one system to provide unmatched insight into your users' behavior and experience. All visits, including every click and page, are captured without manual configuration or code changes for web, web-based mobile and native mobile apps. Analyze your end-user's experience and pinpoint the action or error causing an issue. Plus, gain business-relevant insight into conversions and revenue.

Be the First to Know about Problems with Self-Learning Baselining

Being the first to know when things go wrong is what monitoring is all about, but not every anomaly is a business relevant problem. Typical baselining approaches often fall short on identifying relevant service level degradations or spam your mailbox with irrelevant alerts. The smart baselining of Compuware understands the statistical characteristics of different application metrics and employs advanced statistical models to make sure you get an alert whenever necessary and only when necessary—all automatically, without tuning any obscure parameters.

Get to the Root Cause Immediately — the First Time a Problem Appears

Actionable data without gaps and uncertainties is key when things go wrong and you need a solution fast. The sampling approach of typical APM solutions means that more often than not the detailed root cause information will not be available. Instead, you must wait for the problem to re-occur or try to reproduce it in a different environment. In the meantime, you risk losing users and revenue. With PurePath Technology you immediately get all the facts— including whether problems are functional, scalability, performance or database related or even caused by third party services. Focus on fast resolution with facts and detailed root cause information.

See How Infrastructure Problems Affect Your Applications with PureStack Technology

Infrastructure related issues like CPU contention or I/O problems are a frequent cause of service level violations. With innovative PureStack Technology you can immediately identify which hosts, on which virtualization platform, affect which tiers, and how a particular host problem affects your users. Put an end to the blame games between infrastructure and application teams.

A Single Pane of Glass for All Databases — Whether Relational
or NoSQL

Relational databases are still a common source of performance and scalability bottlenecks. Newer NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB or HBase pose their own set of challenges in terms of management and monitoring. Regardless of which database technologies you use or plan to use, what determines application performance to a large degree is how these databases are called. With Dynatrace and its broad support for both relational and NoSQL databases, you see the database access of each transaction, regardless of technology, through a single pane of glass. Instantly understand how database performance impacts your applications. For more information about NOSQL databases, see the capabilities of Dynatrace for cloud applications.

Provide Insight to Stakeholders Using Language They Understand

Promote collaboration and teamwork across silos with actionable information ideal for performance, test and development teams. Easily export data in variety of formats, or package all relevant code-level root-cause information about a problem into a compact session file that can be opened without access to the production installation, reducing MTTR by 90%.

Lowest Cost of Ownership with Zero-Configuration

Dynatrace lets IT do more with less. It simplifies and automates cumbersome, manual tasks required by traditional monitoring systems. With zero-configuration deployment of lightweight, centrally-managed agents into JVMs, CLRs and PHP servers, self-learning baselines with alerts, out-of-the-box dashboards and auto-correlated system monitoring, Dynatrace reduces your cost of investment substantially, while providing advanced capabilities for the operational challenges of modern applications.