South African Partner Mediro ICT Ensures Vodacom Extracts Maximum Value From Dynatrace Investment

Our South African partner, Mediro ICT, has successfully implemented Application Performance Monitoring at a number of very large South African organizations, covering most major industries and government. South Africa’s leading telecoms operator, Vodacom, part of Vodafone, is a significant user of Dynatrace Application Monitoring, and Mediro is playing a significant role, and has an ongoing consulting engagement with Vodacom to ensure that maximum value is extracted from their APM implementation.

The implementation of Dynatrace Application Monitoring in “prepaid support” at Vodacom has been an incredible journey, taking productivity to an all-new level. Application monitoring has helped Vodacom totally understand their application behavior, how to identify issues proactively, assist in improvement initiatives and stay one step ahead of their clients.

As a result of proactively identifying issues on their application, they are able to avoid having their clients experience any form of degradation on the service they receive. They literally have gone from zero visibility into their application to a micro level of detail overnight.

Their operations and development personnel worked with the Dynatrace integration team to implement embedded Dynatrace Application Monitoring collectors in the environment over a period of 2-3 days.

According to Julian John, Manager of Prepaid Support at Vodacom, “The key differentiator we found with Dynatrace is the PurePath and ability to effectively track a transaction from start to finish.”