2014 Global Perform Parner Awards

Accenture receiving the Global Perfomrance Award

Partners are an important part of the Dynatrace story – and our innovation. And if you were at this year’s Global PERFORM Conference in Orlando, Oct 7-9, then you saw first hand how our partners are helping businesses all over the world understand the full potential of APM

This year great attention was given to Dynatrace’s alliances ecosystem throughout the conference. As an auditorium packed full of users heard:

“Your business applications aren’t successful only because of your hard work; but also because of the people who develop, test, implement, and operate those applications. And those people are often third parties. Dynatrace works hard to build alliances with these organizations to make your lives easier; and we would like to recognize a few with special awards.”

–Todd Kaloudis, WW VP Partner Sales,Dynatrace

Accenture received the Global Performance Award, which recognizes the organization with the broadest impact on optimizing digital experiences for businesses. We have observed a diverse group of performance experts from Accenture work with our customers to elevate performance all over the world. Congratulations!

Hybris receiving the Global Technology Perfomrance Award

The Global Service Provider Award, targets the partner with the most effective packaged offering that combines Dynatrace with application performance expertise in multiple major geographies, was presented to BT Global Services. BT’s Connect Intelligence and Advise offerings are highly productized, innovative, and deserve special recognition for the positive impact they're having for customers and for both of us as partners.

And last but certainly not least, the Global Technology Performance Award was awarded to hybris software (an SAP Company) as the alliance partner with the strongest focus on application performance within its own partner and user ecosystems. We work with many different hybris partners around the world to offer- a performance strategy for their highly visible e-commerce projects. We appreciate our collaboration with hybris and look forward to more.

Congratulations to all of our 2014 PERFORM award winners – not only are they our rock stars, they are catalysts for the industry!