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Don't just reach the summit. Own it. 



Your own personal APM superhero.

I have AMAZING skills, commitment and character.
And I put them all to work for you.

My incredibly demanding, one-of-a-kind training program is university accredited. I’m as comfortable in your boardroom as I am in your data center. As a dedicated member of your APM team, I will accelerate your APM adoption. I’m committed to your success.

I’m backed up by the world’s best team of APM consultants and engineers. I’ve got extraordinary resources at my fingertips to get the job done—and done right. I take my responsibility very seriously—if you’re not successful, I’m not successful. I’m also the face of Dynatrace—and I’m proud of that.



Envisioning the possible. Enabling the extraordinary


Your CERTIFIED APM experts, on-demand

Our customers call us everything from Ninjas to Jedi—we engage how, when and where you need us, we get to work and enable game-changing results. Application performance management strategy, design, best practices, business analytics, coaching, execution...whatever you need—on demand. We're committed to doing work that works for you.

We can do this because we've got APM expertise others haven't even dreamed of—and we've got the customers to prove it. (Just ask them.) We help you enable what’s needed, envision what's possible and achieve both. All while helping you create your own APM ninjas...

Because extraordinary is what we do.



Collaboration makes us better

We've got big work to do.

Collaboration: A deep, collective determination to reach an identical objective.

Every business needs some form of application performance management to be successful, but you may not have the resources to succeed on your own. We have a brilliant and active partner ecosystem that includes technology alliances, selling, consulting and systems integration partners. Check out our partners section – it’s an impressive group! Together, we provide expertise in more industries, geographies, technologies and applications than any of us could individually. With our partners, we deliver extraordinary skills, experience and value to companies all over the world—companies you know.

Through collaboration we form a powerful collective focused on one thing: helping you deliver maximum APM value to your business.

Together we can do more. Let’s get to work.



Happy customers made every day


Going the extra mile (or kilometer) IS our standard support

You've purchased amazing application performance management software, you deserve amazing support. In fact, with a 90% customer satisfaction rating, you could say we’re a bit fanatical about it. Look, we know everything won't be perfect all the time. Your business is built to change and grow. We're here—24/7/365—to make sure your APM implementation keeps pace. Whatever it takes—we will make you happy.

But we don't just support your software, we support you. Because you live and breathe APM every day, we think you should leave every support experience feeling empowered to deliver even more APM value to your business than before. We're certified APM engineers and we work for you.



I am customer-native

I don’t believe in business-to-business. I believe in person-to-person.

You are my customer. I’m with you when you come onboard and every day after—no one else will make that commitment. I live and breathe your APM objectives to make sure your performance journey goes exactly where you want it to (and beyond). I’m your partner, guide, navigator and conduit into our APM universe. I'm an experienced APM professional who's been down this road a few times. I know what it takes to get a performance journey off on the right foot and then kick it into high gear.

I'll help you define your strategy, layout your roadmap and leverage all the resources you'll need to reach your goals. The world's largest expert community, training, education, certification, support, services...I’ll make sure that everything you need is at your fingertips, and that you know how to get the most out of each.

Let's get this journey started.



Encouraging immediate gratification


We totally support getting answers NOW.

And with more than 82,000 of the best minds in the APM industry, you’ll get good…no, GREAT answers. Seriously, it’s like MENSA for application management pros. And we thrive on sharing. We are the world’s largest community of APM geniuses and when great minds with a shared passion for application performance come together, well…you’ll have to join us to find out exactly what’s possible.