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Learn and accelerate your journey to digital excellence

Experience is the difference.

Between our customers’ experts and our own, we have the greatest DPM brain trust in the industry. Application performance management strategy, best practices, business analytics, use cases, execution―we engage how, when and where you need us. We get to work and deliver game-changing results. From our community to eLearning to on-site architects, we’re committed to advancing digital excellence across the globe. We have experience others haven’t dreamed of. And we’ve got the customers to prove it.

Expert Services - Experience

Expert Services - Managed Services

Managed: Dedicated to your success

We’re as comfortable in your boardroom as in your data center. We’re dedicated members of your team, so we can accelerate your digital performance. Dynatrace Managed Services include Enterprise powered by Guardian, Synthetic/UEM Insights and Managed Load. We take our responsibility very seriously. If you’re not successful, we’re not successful.

Expert Services - OnDemand

On-Demand: Extraordinary is what we do

You’ve got extraordinary resources at your fingertips to get the job done—and done right. From product enablement and use-case Xcelerators, to performance architect services and vSeries training, we engage how, when and where you need us to meet every customer’s unique needs.

Because extraordinary is what we do.

Expert Services - Self-Services

Self-Service: Innovate On Your Own Terms

Our customers are the smartest people on the planet. But they never rest on their laurels. We give you fast, flexible, self-guided eLearning and certification programs to help you increase your superstar status. Dynatrace University Labs provide pre-built product environments to push the boundaries of digital performance.

Dynatrace's expert leadership is off the charts. They've met our expectations and delivered great value to my organization. They've always gone above and beyond what was ask of them and more.
Our Guardian implemented a robust and intricate dashboard so we could see everything happening at any level in the system.

Agile Adaptation

Technology is always on the move. Plan the services you need and still have the agility to adapt on the fly with Dynatrace FleXpoints. Prepaid FleXpoints enable flexible consumption of all Dynatrace Expert Services has to offer—use them for whatever services you need, whenever you need them. Its’ the best way to ensure success as you build performance into your app environment.

Expert Services - Agile

Expert Services - Easy Access

Easy Access to Global Experts

On-site help, virtual training and insightful, actionable reports. Most organizations need all of these—but how do you do that when your staff is already at working at maximum capacity? Select any combination of Dynatrace Expert Services whenever you need them. You and your staff will love what we can do for you.

Designed for Results

Dynatrace’s services are designed to get results such as improving DevOps and customer experience. Whether it’s production monitoring, dev, or test environments, we empower teams to manage their activities by business impact. We unify data and build analyses that bridge once-siloed resources for far-reaching success.

Expert Services - Designed for Results

Expert-Driven: Volkswagen

Expert-Driven: Volkswagen

See how a Dynatrace Managed Services Guardian worked with the project team at VW to ramp-up a fully-functional new website in record time.

Multi-channel retail domination: Walgreens

Multi-channel retail domination: Walgreens

Learn how Walgreens, a member of the Internet Retailer Top 500, delivers high-quality experiences in any channel a customer chooses to use.

DevOps 2.0

Goodbye War Room; Hello DevOps 2.0

Discover how to get everyone in your engineering organization to level up skills and share responsibility for the end product. What should you have on your radar now?