A Year in Digital Performance

You shop digitally, you bank digitally, you socialize digitally and you absolutely work digitally. Despite the need for a comprehensive strategy that embraces both digital markets and digital operations in 2014 we detected:
  • 15.8 outages every hour
  • Across 23,116 affected websites
  • Totaling 106.3 years of collective downtime

Yikes! Who has 106 years to troubleshoot 138,602 outages !?

Outages Per Month

Digital performance affects everyone. Outages are inevitable, but companies that can proactively identify and prevent application issues make all of our lives easier – not to mention crush their competition.

Here’s a month-over-month breakdown of outages captured by Outage Analyzer gathering attention across 2014.

Outages by Region

We all know the Internet is vast, each location like unique snowflake. We’ve quantified the digital disruptions across different regions of the world below. The darker the shade of red, the higher volume of disruptions in each region.

The Waterfall Effect

3rd party service issues are silent digital performance killers. 2014 included probably the most visible 3rd party service outage ever.
When DoubleClick went down on Nov. 12th, Outage Analyzer detected:
3532 websites using DoubleClick services across 80 countries were impacted for 5.5 hours!
An internet without advertising is an internet without revenue.

Most Frequent Outage Categories

Historically and again in 2014, Hosting and Content Delivery service providers take responsibility for the largest number of outages. Frequency however, doesn’t necessarily map to outage impact. Notice the “Others” category to see quite a few familiar looking services than can have an equally large impact when experiencing service issues.



User Experience Backlash

Ultimately user experience is your best success metric. If you’re not proactively addressing digital performance issues, users are more likely to take their complaints to their social streams than to call-in and report it.

These 500/mo unfortunate (and hilarious) #TECHFAIL expressions aren’t from your end users venting on Twitter right?


What are you doing to prepare for digital success in 2015?