Digital Performance Management is here.

The manifesto for business success

Superior digital customer experiences are driven by superior application performance. The world’s most successful businesses embody this. These digital leaders have come to value:

Customer experience above all else.

Social media and mobile technologies have put the customer in charge. There is a direct line from happy customers, through their digital interactions to your revenue.

Investment in continuous innovation.

It’s about harnessing and driving growth, not minimizing problems. It’s the only way to disrupt and create new business opportunities through digital channels.

Simplicity to the max.

Operations are seamless and highly mature, in spite of infinitely increasing complexity and scale—driving revenue from within.

Fact-based decision making.

Data versus opinion, analysis versus assumption—if customer experience is king, data and analytics are the power behind the throne.

Collaboration & accountability as company culture.

Success in the first four traits is no accident—it’s in your genes.

Business has changed. Digital business owners have taken a more active role in the delivery of great CX based on application performance while developers and operations groups have taken daily use of performance information to another level.

Application performance management (APM) has changed with it: Key to measuring and improving customer experience, simplifying operations, driving agility and supporting business analytics, Dynatrace pioneered the world’s premier Digital Performance Platform in December 2014. Supporting leading businesses from pure cloud applications to complex enterprise implementations through digital performance management, digital performance is in our genes.

(Dynatrace digital transformation starts here.)

Increase sales with Omnichannel customer experience management

Monitor customer experiences across any device or digital touchpoint. Visualize their behavior and understand it through delivered experience quality metrics. Get a live stream of user struggles, interactions with your digital assets, transactions, conversions and bounces. Business and IT teams now speak a common language based on shared analytics. Make intelligent decisions together. No more mismatched data confusion​.

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Simplify operations with service-oriented performance analytics

Enable business agility through effective business and development collaboration. Create a differentiated customer experience across your entire application portfolio by detecting and fixing problems before they have an impact.

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Innovate faster with Fail-Safe DevOps

Reduce unplanned work by collaborating and working more with different teams and third-party vendors. Playback broken transactions in dev, test or production to find the source of the problem, fix it and get back to developing.

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