Professional Development Program 

WANTED: A rare blend of talents

Are you ready to become one of our next technology leaders? View our recent openings in the U.S. & internationally.

For those with that unique blend of talents, we've got the training program that is right for you. We have over 5,800 customers around the world in need of highly qualified Guardians. Completing the Professional Development Program ensures you are ready to be the face of Dynatrace as a Guardian. 

The Professional Development Program

PDP takes highly technical yet business-minded college and university graduates and trains them to become Guardian Consultants. During the training, you will learn the "ins and outs" of our leading APM suite as well as work with some of the most intelligent people in the industry - including our C-level executives.

So, what does a Guardian Consultant do?

Leaving the PDP program you’ll be prepared to drive change and maturity in process and culture through APM support, administration, configuration and maintenance; ensuring customer applications are operating at their peak performance.